How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

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How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses – BMW 3-Series and 4-Series Combination ( / F32) | POST > 2012-2019 BMW 3 and 4-Series > General Sedan / F32 Coupe / F36 Gran Coupe Series

As the title says… Is there a way to remove this mark from the lamp? The car has about 80k miles and is driven on the highway a lot. I think these are microchips? The CPO warranty has expired even though I’m 100% sure the light is covered.

How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

Do not fix it. restoration using fine sand, sandpaper, plastic sealant, maybe, but the holes and scratches look deep. You have to cut it like an automatic painting.

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My friend (autobody) was sandblasted and then sprayed with auto clear coat. it is mixed with additives to withstand small stones and pebbles that are exposed to light. it worked really well.

I saw a video of someone using a wax softener (turtle wax I believe) and it did not remove the chip.

I’ve been trying to find a tutorial on how to make it so if you find one please let me know!

Yes… his voice is very deep. I can start looking for body shops around me. I wish it was easier because it can be hard to pay

Hazy Headlights? Here’s How To Shine Them.

I did some research and I don’t think the light and cover will be separate and replaceable…

It might be worth trying the 3M Headlight restoration kit for $20 dollars from Amazon, before shelling out $$ and time for a screen cover. I have used 3 different brands so far… and 3M seems to be the best quality. All you need is a bag, an adjustable screwdriver, masking tape and a spray bottle.

It is plastic covered with a clear jacket. To remove pitting and cracks in the clear coat layer, sand down. Buffing will not remove it, unless it is very shallow. But don’t worry, it’s not that bad. There are many videos on YouTube that you can watch. Good luck!

How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

+1. Sand the clear coat, then polish to the best grade until the coat is clear again, followed by a coating compound, then a transparent coat to protect the surface.

Buff & Polish Auckland

As mentioned earlier, the sand must be washed, the main shaft must be polished, and it must be replaced properly. 2k clear is the best, followed by laminx and Xpel clear.

I highly recommend adding a clear coat, as most clear coats will chip or chip after a while. Since the lights for this car range from $400-$2,200 each to replace with OEM parts, it makes sense to spend $150 on the Clear bra.

It is not necessary to replace it, but you can bake it in the oven to loosen the seal between the cover and the housing to remove it. The aftermarket cover is replaceable only and you can fix it at home

If you’re going to go that route, you’ll need to have a professional do it so you don’t stain the lights and seal the new cover with the proper sealant.

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In that case you can get a set of pre-made lights as the lens still needs to be removed – they are cheaper than new oem lights if you can find a good one at a junkyard or in a set.

If you have a 3 ser there are some parts available for less than oem, but I haven’t seen one for a 4 ser

The best / last is the sand / powder / sand in the store, then apply a laminex film before spraying after curing the clear coat to prevent cracking.

How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

I was still using laminex on my 2008 bmw when I bought it, and 7 years later at 88k miles when I sold it I removed the film and new lights.

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The 3M light cleaning kit removes most of the pitting. I’m going to try to see if it’s worth it before going in, and it’s expensive.

Oh, my 235i with 50k on it is going to the dealer tomorrow for the same problem, hopefully it will be fixed under factory warranty but we will see.

As mentioned above, it doesn’t look like transparent plastic itself, but an outer/transparent protective layer. (On the 235s, the clear coat is removed from the light corner, revealing the clear plastic underneath.

This notice is made to inform customers and consumers of the potential for chemical damage to polycarbonate exterior light lenses. Most early model cars have this type of light. This material is used for high temperature and stress resistance. Various chemicals can cause shock or damage. The flash lens is very sensitive. Care should be taken not to touch the exterior lights when treating the vehicle with any chemicals, as recommended for removing dust from railroad tracks. Grinding, oil and grease removal, tire cleaning, wax cleaning and even highly concentrated laundry detergents can cause this condition. It may be necessary to replace the entire lamp holder. Also, the condition of the lens may deteriorate if a shop mat or guide cover is attached to the fender and covers part or all of the light unit when the DRL and headlights are on. This action reduces the amount of heat produced by the lamp. Due to the heat produced by the lamp, the bulb begins to deteriorate. This lens damage is invisible at first, and eventually looks like a spider crack. In extreme cases, the metal will start to melt the bulb.

Scratched Headlights??? What Can I Do?

I do not agree that the whole house should be replaced because the plastic roof is damaged. The manufacturer is not very busy. Easy to upgrade… Maybe not for BMW, but good for the real world.

And if you use a flashlight, it says you revoked your license because the flashlight got hot. TPT. I don’t buy GM. And “crazy” isn’t a word.

I think the hole is a millimeter deep, so it needs to be wet sanded to fix it or is it just optical and not deep?

How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

Sanding with 400 wet and dry, then 800 and finally 1500 wet and dry, after that using SONAX CUT MAX on DA foam polishing white board, it was removed if most of the 90% problem with light.

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Use 3000 and 5000 wet sand last. Cut assembly time in half.

You need sand, take two, repeat with light. If not, replace the lens. Tried the 3m package and all but not very deep in my experience

MY13: TTE400 Stage 2 turbo, Single flywheel support Stage 3 Clutch, FTP turbo inlet FTP Charge pipe FTP expansion pipe, ATM 6.5 Intercooler, Forge Motorsport Recirculating valve, aFE grill scoop aFE Magnum Force Cold air intake, B58 coil Active Autowerke muffler s63TU injectors , B58TU HPFP, Bimmermilvs, e80 air from Navardi. 380 whp/360 wheel torque block stock As the plastic bulb ages, the original color will be yellow and discolored. Another side effect is the removal of scratches, which can damage the light emitted from the lamp. Although you can easily manage yellow wounds with a light repair kit, deep wounds are more difficult to remove and may take longer to repair.

Put your hand on the lamp and touch the scratch. If you can hold the nail in the scratch, go to step 2. If not, you can only do the sound part of the process; step 4.

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Soak the sand in a bucket of water for 10 minutes. Then 1000 sandpaper was added and the sand was covered. Hold the torch and start gluing the block, make sure the soil is wet with a hose. You press the plastic around the scratch so that you can completely move the crack. You want the area around the scratch to be smooth before you continue.

Repeat step 2 with 2,000-grit sandpaper, and finish with 3,000-grit sandpaper. You want it to be as smooth as the scratched area, and at this point you will not be able to get the nail through the first scratch.

Insert the spare wheel from the lightweight recovery kit into the drill. Place the square-shaped brush in the kit on the dust wheel and apply it to the lens. Turn on the drill and slowly work the sharpening around the entire surface of the lamp until it is even.

How To Fix Scratched Headlight Lenses

Remove any dry dust with a microfiber towel, and check the surface of the lens for scratches. If you find one, repeat the step

How To Restore Cloudy Car Headlight Covers

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